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On the Spot!

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Check out the new spot we created with the help of our Woolly friend Jonathan Krisel, who happens to be the director of the very funny show, Portlandia. Yep. Pretty fancy, we know ;-) . Thanks also to my sister and niece, Faith and Noa who *star* in the video. Faith had a great and easy time installing her Pockets, and now we all get to sit back and smell the roses…. Hope you are all having a plantastic week!
Woolly love,

San Pedro Math Science and Technology Center Gets Woolly!

Monday, July 11th, 2011
We were thrilled to set up a Woolly School Garden last week at the San Pedro Math Science and Technology Center, which includes an organic garden and outdoor culinary classroom. Students from the culinary program at Santee Education Complex travel here to participate in all aspects of growing, harvesting, and preparing healthy, seasonal produce.
We planted all kinds of delicious varieties in the pockets- like chives, lemon basil, mint, sun gold tomatoes, persimmon tomatoes, lemon thyme, green globe artichoke, tomatillos, fresno chili peppers, habanero peppers, yellow brandywine tomatoes, banana peppers, and even piperia mint!
Thank you to Mud Baron, Chef Lisbeth, John, + the hard-working students for the delicious farm-fresh salad, the beautiful bouquets, + for having us at your garden! We can’t wait to watch your pockets grow. :)

Resilience and hummingbirds at Seattle’s Graham Hill Elementary

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Seattle’s Graham Hill Elementary and their Woolly School Garden suffered some calamities this spring, but with true Woolly spirit, the garden is up and running again, keeping the playground adorned with flowers and colorful veggies for the summer!

The school had their vertical Woolly Garden planted and ready to go when something quite sad happened: vandals broke into the school and tore apart both the greenhouse and the garden. Cambria Cox, Graham Hills’ garden director, said “It was a huge bummer and a setback … but that didn’t stop us from persevering!”

With Woolly verve, students, teachers, parents and neighbors got to work rebuilding and replanting their garden. Cambria organized a series of work parties, where students planted chard, spinach, broccoli, lettuces and flowers on their Woolly wall, and a mural was painted across from it. The kids also each created a prayer flag, which are now strung across the outdoor space: the garden is now lightly shaded with artwork from the same students planting and learning in the garden. ”Many students had never held a seed before, never tried a radish, weren’t totally aware of where their food comes from. I was pleasantly surprised when just about every student enthusiastically tried anything that was grown in the garden–broccoli, arugula, sorrel — kids wanted to eat it! The garden is definitely inspiring wonder and curiosity,” reports Cambria.

Last week the school threw a garden party, with ice cream from a local creamery and mint lemonade from the Graham Hill’s own garden. “It was the culmination of so much work and struggle, but also resilience and hope,” said Cambria. “It was so great, the kids had a blast and it was gratifying to see things looking so beautiful. Our students have learned how to grow food from seed. How to make a salad. How to plant seeds and starts. What plants need to thrive. How to attract beneficial insects and wildlife to the garden. Resilience in the face of adversity!”

And the beauty continues … hummingbirds have discovered the Woolly garden’s nasturtiums, and are returning daily for nectar! A green little world has been created on a patch of Seattle blacktop, all thanks to the woolly efforts of one school community!