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Friday, June 24th, 2011

The woolly team got up early yesterday to set up our booth at the Dwell on Design show and it looks fantastic! If you’re curious about living walls or our Woolly School Garden then stop on by to plant some inspirations! We’d love to meet everyone there. And don’t forget to use our promo code DWELL88B to save $15 for the exhibition. Have a wonderful, woolly weekend!


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Come meet the Woolly team this weekend at the Dwell on Design exhibition to learn more about Woolly Pockets and our plantastic Woolly School Garden program. We’re super excited to be there this year and can’t wait to mingle with everyone! Also, we have an exclusive deal with Dwell to save $15 when you register for the event. For more information go to Dwell on Design. See you all there!


Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I had no idea that one could start seedling in so many different types of containers.
The eggshells and the lemon peel rest among my favorites.
Friends have also started using seedlings as party favors, and I just love that idea.
Do you garden? what do you start your seedlings in?

1. Lemon Peel
2. Toilet Paper Rolls
3. Eggshells (Great tutorial here, too)
4. Glass jar (party favor idea)
5. Pot with upcycled plastic bottle covering

~ Justina

Happy Father’s day, Papas!

Friday, June 17th, 2011

To Papas that love Pockets, to Grandpas that Garden & to Green-thumbed god-fathers…  Have a plantastic, woollyrific, bbqlicious Fathers Day!

What’s growing at PS 102?

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Here at Woolly Pocket, we love hearing about what all of our wonderful schools are growing in their pockets!

Margaret of PS 102 in Brooklyn was kind enough to share what’s growing in their Woolly School Garden.

Hi Margaret! Can you tell us a bit about your Woolly School  Garden? What are you growing right now?
Our Woolly School Garden hangs on two opposite fences. All of our crops are doing very well – we have a lot of herbs – basil, thyme, dill, lemon verbena, mint, oregano, chives, several kinds of parsley, cilantro. We also have green zebra and cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, Lebanese squash, zucchini, broccoli, bok choy, arugula, Kentucky wonder beans, lettuce, baby greens, mizuna, eggplant and some marigolds in between. Six Woolly fives are on our hot afternoon sun side and four on the less sunny side. We’ve been getting nice veggies to harvest for our School Garden to Cafe Harvest Festival (a NYC School Food Program).

What have your students learned through the Woolly School Garden program?
So far … they have learned that veggies can be grown in the city on a fence. They have learned that veggies are delicious. They have learned how easy it is to plant and grow food in the city and what plants require to grow. They have learned to identify vegetables and their nutritional value. They have learned about herbs and how they enhance flavors of food.

What do students like most about the garden?
Being outside. Feeling they are in a special, magical place that does not look like the rest of Brooklyn. A break in the day and a chance to experience nature up close. Most LOVE watering, touching dirt and finding worms. They are always full of questions and good suggestions.

What advice do you have for other schools that want to start a Woolly School Garden?
DO IT! We love our Woolly Pocket garden – and I know very few schools have the space (or safe soil) to do in-ground gardening. It’s the easiest method we’ve tried so far – no weeds, easy watering, no bending.

Thank you so much Margaret for sharing with us! PS 102′s Woolly School Garden is looking absolutely beautiful, and sounds delicious!

What’s growin’ in your Woolly Pocket? We’d love to know! Email us at justina (at) woollypocket (.) com

Field Trip! The Arboretum and Botanic Garden

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011


I had never been to the LA County Arboretum before. I was absolutely blown away by the size a magnificence of it all. Divided into continents, the Arboretum has indoor and outdoor gardens that truly do inspire. I saw so many plants and even animals that I had never seen up close before, and it was a wonder to be surrounded by so much exotic nature just 15 minutes from my home in Downtown L.A.

The Exotic Plant and Fern Show was a real trip. Ferns come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Did you know that there are thousands of species of Ferns, and they are known for being some of the best indoor air cleaners in the plant family? I saw the largest Fern I’d ever seen and I came home with a cool Staghorn Fern and enough plant photos to fill an auditorium. I hope that you enjoy this selection of pics. I highly recommend a visit to the Arboretum!

Happy Gardening this weekend!

Friday, June 10th, 2011


Meet my sister Faith and her Daughter, Noa. Their vertical garden is nice and low so that Noa can easily taste all the yummies, and help with the watering and the harvest.  Bursting with berries and tomatoes, peppers and kale, every meal lately has some fresh flavors from the Pocket garden. Noa was born in Italy so Faith likes to bring an Italian flavor to her garden, adding basil, oregano, Roma tomatoes and parsley, and of course, strawberries– because they’re Noa’s favorite.

I hope you all get a chance to enjoy some garden yummies this weekend, too!!


Gift Ideas for the Gardening Dad

Monday, June 6th, 2011

It’s that time of year again! Father’s day is just around the corner, and it’s time to give some props to pops! Here’s a little gift guide for pops that loves plants!

1.) Meet L’il Meadow. Meadow is our freestanding Pocket that will allow dads in small spaces to garden anywhere– the balcony, roof and even driveway can become dad’s new gardening grounds.

2.) A snazzy tie from Good Heavens that combines new and vintage fabrics is a good option for the dad who likes his florals on the inside…

3.) How about this gizmo for the green godfather? It turns any plastic bottle into a long-spout watering can–perfect for watering Pockets!

4.) Or how about this trowel for your King of Spades?

5.) A pair of Native’s that don’t mind getting wet make a great gardening companion for dad’s feet!

6.) Bring home the Birds to the guy who taught you about the birds and the bees with this sweet Natural Bluebird House.